How do we choose ?

Fluffy, Halfway and The Runt

I went and checked out the puppies yesterday and they are looking great but they present a dilemma. All three bitches are very different in the way they present. Fluffy is just that . She has a very thick soft coat and I assume gets this from her father who is a long haired Shep. Halfway is..well….halfway between Fluffy and The Runt. She has shorter hair than Fluffy and is the same size. Lovely markings on  her paws and eyes . The Runt is the smallest ( duh ) and is a sweet little thing and I have always had a soft spot for runts. Initially I went straight for halfway which should answer my question but then The Runt gazed lovingly at me and Fluffy bounded over and all of a sudden I was confused.


Halfway ( love that droopy right ear ! )

Fluffy and Halfway gorge while The Runt looks on at the back

As the mother circled me huffing and puffing and grizzling away ( only natural for a protective mum ) I interacted with each pup as best I could. it was the hottest part of the day so they were all  a bit dopey . When I chose my Kelpie back in Australia I actually spent 3 hours observing 8 active pups ! ( male and female ) and it did my head in. Anyway……we will probably get the pup on the weekend if the owners so it is OK for them to go and I will take Leakhana and Grace over so they can have some say. Stay tuned…….

Mum looks on

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