Poker and World Cups ; Wins on all fronts

Paul picks it.....

*Singing* ” One poker tournament and one World Cup doo dah doo dah….”

What a top weekend. After a particularly shitty finish to the week due to an obstreperous customer putting me in a bad mood, Friday night was a non event. I had wanted to go out but my mood was deflated so whilst Leakhana and a large group of her girlfriends ( including her sister and some of the mums from Grace’s play group !! ) hit the town I had a couple of beers and a quite meal at Aussie XL with Aoife, Richie, Murph and a newly super platinum haired Anja – looking good girl ! Over dinner they started talking about a great new series called Spartacus they had all watched so I finished dinner, headed to the dvd shop and picked it up. I was at home by 8pm and ensconced on the couch and Spartacus would not disappoint. It was all splashing blood and flashing tits and lots of  “BY JUPITER’S COCK I WILL HAVE HIS HEAD !”. Marvellous stuff.

Spain kicks it

Saturday after work I took the family to Singapore Kitchen for lunch and then after a few hours kip in the afternoon ( Phnom Penh seems to have gotten hot again ) I headed out to the Red Fox for the Saturday night poker tournament. With 20 of the regulars playing, I settled in with my $20 stack and as I had only has one draft before starting, I played tight and I can honestly say I don’t think I put a foot wrong the whole night . The cards were being very kind to  me with many strong starting pairs KK,QQ, AK, JJ etc and as the others dropped off it was soon down to four of us with Ritchie ( Scot ) and I being the high stacks. The other two soon bowed out and I had guaranteed myself not only a top 2 placing but also a nice little earn. Our stacks exactly even and happy just to have made it this far, I declared to Ritchie I was just going to go all in no matter what my cards come the first hand. He asked  ” You sure you don’t want to try for the 1st prize ?” and I told him as far as I was concerned I had already won getting through to the final and besides….I couldn’t be arsed playing anymore. He laughed and when the first hand came out he said in his thick Scottish accent ” AHH FUCK IT …ALL IN”. I had A7 so was happy to oblige and in the end Ritchie took the pot. So…………not an actual win BUT per se but a strong second and $130 to boot. Oh yeah…..and I beat my mate Raz which is always fun ” oh…you jerk”. I then headed over to the Pickled Parrot for  a quick beer with Frank and Diane and in good spirits I asked Diane if she wanted a punt on the World Cup final later that night. She took Holland and so with Paul the Octopus tipping Spain, I took that bet for $50 and well…..we all know how that turned out.

Buen intento, pero no cigarro!. el pulpo lo hace de nuevo …………… VIVA ESPANA

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