Poker ; Holding my own against the big boys

Last night I had a few beers at Liquid with Mark and Sindre and some lads in from Bangkok and then decided to hit Naga for a few hands of poker. I received an SMS saying that there were 5 people already on the $1/2 table and that they were ” all Koreans”. WUHHOO easy money I think so off  I  go. When i arrive there is no-one at the table ….just a bunch of large chip stacks in front of the seats. The dealer tells me they have all taken off temporarily for some lucky draw so i get my chips and sit patiently waiting.In a scene like a slow motion car crash, I watch as the players return to the table and they ain’t Koreans….they are the posse of diamond ring wearing Khmer/Chinese players who usually play play the $2/5 table which I avoid at all costs. One of them is the smug little Chinese bastard who took down a $15k pot last week and i am shaking in my seat.

So off we go and I drop about $100 in 10 minutes. The very first hand I play ends up a $500 pot and this sets the scene for the night. I look around at the growing chip stacks around me and it looks like the Hong Kong skyline. I can barely see the elliptical roof above me for the chip towers and I my stack looks ludicrously small. I am torn between going all in, taking a chance and getting the hell out of there or biding my time. I decide on the latter and keep folding folding folding weak pairs until finally I get KK and decide to play them hard. At this stage I have about $80 and luckily there are more than a few guys who stay with me. I end up all in pre river card and the pot is about $400 or so. The river comes down with a K giving me KKK ( white supremacist’s dream) and I take the pot with everyone else shaking their heads.  Nice one. Back from the dead. In one fell swoop I have recouped my $200 buy in and also made a quick $200. I call it a night and head to Heart of Darkness where a few victorious cold ones are had and I am bloody proud of myself for having been able to get away in more than one piece.

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