Lindsay Lohan sucks. George Michael Rules.

Don't forget your Dolce and Gabbana toothbrush.........

I cannot STAND Lindsay Lohan. What a facile little scrubber she is. She cannot act for shit. She is average looking at best ( god those freckles ) and she has done….like……what of any substance ? Her attempt at designing fashion was an absolute disaster and the fact that she is an A lister….or rapidly descending to C….is a comment on just how shallow and pathetic Hollywood can be. Well due to Lyndsay’s penchant for the white lines and the booze she has been unable to follow a court order and just got slapped with 90 days for violating it.

Hopefully some ugly crack whore from the Bronx will make Lyndsay her bitch…………..

One groovy geezer

Meanwhile, across the Ocean, London’s grooviest homo….George Michael has pranged his Rangler yet again. Ok so George has had some falls from grace over the last few years but in his defense….HE IS A SUPERSTAR ! Unlike that moll above.  We love you George. Maybe next time just take one of the pinks and one of the blues ok ?

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