Careful ; Card Sharks in the water

After a successful foray to Naga Casino on Friday night ( which turned into a random visit to heart of Darkness at 3am )  I again found myself at a table on Saturday night. This time Leakhana was by my side and the venue was Shane and Tammy’s villa for a cash game. With many of Phnom Penh’s better players in attendance it was bound to get interesting and indeed it did. You would not have known it was a 25/50c game as many pots soared over the $50 mark. About 2 hours after starting everyone got good cards and the pot made its way to $130. Just about everybody was in and post-river card Leakhana came out triumphant with a flush ( hitting it on the river ). You go girl !! An hour later and her stack was even bigger and she proudly walked away with $240. Me….er….let’s just say Saturday night was sponsored by Friday night ……..

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