A visit to Left Bank

A couple of years ago whilst out riding my dirt bike I stumbled upon a compound full of beautiful wooden Khmer houses perched on the Mekong River. I stopped to take a look and the Australian owner happened to be in her garden so she invited me in and we had a nice chat . She showed me the houses she had for rent at the back of the compound and they were amazing. Unfortunately I never go to see her house at the edge of the river in any detail as she did not offer and I did not beg but that all changed on Sunday in a strange twist of fate. Derek and Wendy shut their bar Talking to A Stranger last week and are now house sitting “Left Bank” for it’s owner, Helen Jarvis. Leakhana, Srek Nek and Srey Pek and Grace and I headed out there and were soon met my Ang and Paul.  The house is one of those places that makes you feel at home straight  away. It is full of artwork and books and memorabilia collected over decades in Cambodia and everywhere you look something grabs your eye. It reminded me a lot of some of the hippy farmhouses on the north coast of Australia and we spent a very relaxing few hours swimming, eating nice food and generally relaxing. Check it out……

Welcome to Left Bank

Give me a home amongst the palm trees

Mekong River views

Wood everywhere - the front walkway

Al fresco


Art and Antiques

More art


It's a tough life

Swimming hole

Deep diver

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