The best kept secret in (west) Phnom Penh

For years now I have been getting massages at Master Kang Massage on Monivong Boulevarde. The place is an oasis in this city and next door is the not too shabby Man Han Lou Chinese restaurant and Micro Brewery. A few weeks ago I decided to have a look out the back of this large compound which is actually officially know as the The Asia Club. Initial exploration unveiled a lovely pool and bar area set in a very nice garden with NO people ! So yesterday I decided to take the family over there ( including the ever present nieces Nek and Pek ) and we had a very pleasant two hours there despite me being in considerable pain due to back spasms brought on during a gardening session that morning. Whilst the girls all swam, I took a tour around with the manager and was VERY surprised indeed at what I found. This place is a veritable oasis and whilst predominantly targeted at Korean and Taiwanese tour groups, it would make a fine place to stay in my opinion.

Blue Lagoon

$75 bungalow

65kg Naga fish. Where is my rod and lure ????

Nice !

Lush gardens

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