Danay starts work

Hot on the heels of my nephew Jim starting his Carpentry Apprenticeship with his father, my brother-in-law Danay has started work with one of our companies here in Phnom Penh. Some of you may remember I secured Danay a job with an Australian mechanic which he toiled at for 7 months for the princely sum of $40 a month with the scumbag Aussie rarely paying him. It got so bad I rang the guy up and asked him what the fuck he thought he was doing treating his workers like that. Gary absconded soon after that and I felt very bad that I had put Danay into such a situation . Last week I rang Danay up and asked him if he wanted to come and work as a labourer / trainee grunt and of course he jumped at the opportunity as he loves working and he loves all things gadgets,tinkering and electric.

Danay dons the new boots

On Saturday I took him to Central Market and bought him a pair of black steel cap shoes and 5 pairs of socks and I supplied him with 5 company issue shirts. Last night he turned up to our house to stay the night and he had gone out and got himself a very smart short back and sides haircut which put a couple of years on him. He followed me to work on the Mio this morning and was noticeably nervous as he entered a yard full of about 50 other blue-shirted workers. At any rate I am very proud of him and I just hope all the other men in the yard play nice. If he listens to what he is told and applies himself, I am sure he could do very well.

Ready to roll

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2 Responses to Danay starts work

  1. LaudJohn says:

    I love the mo bro!

    A moustache and a spikey haircut reminds me of my days in the Saunas of Melbourne. Which member of the village people are you trying emulate?

    I hope it all works out for Danay


  2. LaudJohn says:

    You Bastard!!!


    good eidt!

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