ABAC Penfolds wine tasting

Last year was the inaugural Penfold’s wine tasting night at the Intercontinental Hotel. It was so good we decided to do it again this year so last Thursday we all gathered at the Intercon and proceeded to guzzle our way through some fine wine. After tasting lesser reserve BIN series of wines we paused for a charity auction. Up for grabs were some fantastic pieces of art fashioned from decommissioned AK47 assault rifles including the main piece – a kangaroo.  With some healthy bidding, the kangaroo fetched $2600 and all in all we raised over $4000 on the night. It was then back in to the tasting hall from the primo tasting that culminated in the Grange. I just don’t get Grange. Sorry. It tastes so strong it is almost overpowering and call me a wine savant but give me a $10 bottle of merlot any day. Clearly these two muppets do not get it either and this little youtube video gave us all a laugh until the closing moment. YUK ! After the tasting we hit the Intercon Bar and that was enough to send us all over the edge. The follwing day was tough…….

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