Happy Birthday Leakhana

Leakhana turned 28  yesterday. She says she feels like an old lady.I told her she looks 22. She fluttered here eyelids and said ” Oh really sweetheart !!” and that seemed to calm her down. I bought a nice big bunch of flowers at Russian Market and with Mum babysitting, we headed out for some mummy and daddy time. First stop was the new wine bar on St 302 called….creatively…Le Sauvignon. This is owned and run by some Khmer who I think might have come back from Paris. The space is fantastic with large bay windows at the front, polished cement floors, a skylight running the length of the side wall and a decadent,curtained off private room at the back. We ordered a bottle of Australian white and relaxed. I don’ t like the furniture much – it’s kind of 17th Century Versailles – but the music was good. Also, while we were there a guy delivered a HUGE whole white tuna which are apparently available fresh at Central Market at $5/kilo ! Must get on to one of those for the bbq. After a drink or two we then headed on over to our favorite restaurant Yumi. Another bottle of wine was procured as was Chilli Squid tempura, gyoza, prawn futimaki and beef rolls and the special ribs. As always the food was just insanely good. We were home by 8pm so ripped into another bottle of white with Mum and it was a very pleasurable night made all the more pleasurable by light rain and cooler temperatures.

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