The new addition

Hot on the heels of acquiring our chickens Happy ( our rooster is Happy he gives it ) and Lucky ( our hen is lucky she takes it ) , I have finally made the plunge and put in an order on a dog. I have always had dogs in Australia and had to leave my much beloved 2 year old purebred Australian Kelpie behind when I moved over here to Cambodia. Well bred dogs are as scarce…hen’s teeth… here and when I heard some people I knew had a purebred male and female German Shepherd, I jokingly said ” if the bitch ever gets pregnant…..let me know”. Well….the bitch got pregnant, popped out 3 little females and I have been given pick of the litter. I have to wait 8 weeks but it should be worth it. My boss has taken one also. No more perimeter worries.

Mother and daughters

2 days old

Scout,my kelpie, stalking cattle on our farm in Australia.

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4 Responses to The new addition

  1. Lucky Seven says:

    Happy go Lucky ??

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