The Vine Retreat

Main House Front

On the way back from Kep recently we were on the road to Vietnam when we noticed the sign for The Vine retreat. I had heard about this fruit and vegetable home stay farm and had seen some photos and , in no rush, we decided to check it out…….

4km along a very picturesque road that hugged some hills and we arrived at a fantastic LARGE farm dotted with pepper, flowers, vegetables and fruit AND the most amazing house I have come across here in Cambodia and trust me I have seen a few. The place is just superbly built with plenty of stone and timber and beautiful wide pale floorboards. The rooms upstairs are stunning and the bar and eating area are begging for a long drawn out boozy wine soaked afternoon lunch. The kitchen downstairs is huge,immaculate and light and airy and the breeze coming off the coast pervades the entire farm. We will be going for a weekend for sure and it has certainly given me yet more ideas for our Kep house. Funnily enough I spent an hour talking to the very same Khmer contractor that did all the work just the day before at Kep Lodge which he also did / is doing AND he also did Vanna Bunglaows…….we have found our man.

Heavenly hallway


Upstairs bar and dining



Side View

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