Kep Road Trip

Made a split decision on Friday to head to Kep with Leakhana,Grace,Srey Neung and Danay in tow. After a quick phone call to book Vanna Bungalows were on our way and a couple of hours later we arrived before sunset. We took the road down via Kampong Trach and avoided the dusty route into Kampot which was a winning decision. On arrival at Vanna we swapped the timber bungalows for the new two room concrete bungalows which were pretty awesome despite terribly uncomfortable beds . We took our own esky full of beers and coke and water and had a few shilled ones before we went down to the crab shacks for dinner. The Kep waterfront is marching ahead in leaps and bounds. Pavements, gardens, statues and more and more barang owned bars and restaurants are replacing / upgrading the existing old shacks.

Vanna Bungalows

Peek a boo

Upgraded oceanside

The following day we went to the new “Country” Keyhole. The Rusty Keyhole has relocated out to the owner’s house in rural Kampot and it is a lovely , safe place for kids to go. It has an awesome view of Bokor and the bbq is ready to go for those famous ribs. Quite a few people turned up whilst we were there and I think the new location will be a big hit for existing Keyholers and those with kids. Christian and Cum have made some nice changes and additions to their house including a bar ( of course ! ), an outdoor thatched bungalow and some comfy seating and when the rice comes up the place will be swimming in a sea of green.

The New Keyhole

Kep crab shacks at night

After the visit to the CK, we headed back down to Kep and had lunch. While the family hit the markets for fresh takeaway crab I had a pizza at Baraka which is just my favorite. We then headed back up to our bungalow and I hit the hammock for some reading time whilst everyone else noshed hard on crab. I then went for a cruise to see if I could find a permanent rental house ( no luck but saw some awesome new houses being built ) and then mid afternoon we went up to Kep Lodge for a beer and a swim.


That night it was back down to the crab shacks for another huge feed at Kim Leang Seafood and an early night then followed. Sunday morning I took Leakhana for a driving lesson in the newly tarred back streets of Kep and she did wonderfully in the manual hilux. We then stopped at a nursery and bought some Birds of Paradise and some Hibiscus and then packed up and headed home to Phnom Penh.

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