Kampong Thom road trip

Kampong Thom riverscape

With a 5 day break in front of me I decided it was time for a spontaneous road trip. Mum,Leakhana,Grace and I loaded the ute up and headed out for Kampong Thom and the resort of Sambor Village that is owned by a mate, Rob, who also owns Villa Langka in Phnom Penh. Some 4 hours later and wrong turn or two and we found our escape. The lush pool was first on the agenda, followed by lunch, somecold beers and then a sleep before heading out to get some dinner at a down town hotel. Kampong Thom is insect-catching central so Mum and Leakhana just HAD to hit the markets the next day for a kilo or two of bugs before we headed back to Phnom Penh around lunchtime. Sambor Village was great. $40a night and lovely twin rooms with great big baths. The only downside was the near non-functional AC that juust could not compete with the heat radiating off the tiled rood. Definatley needs some pink batts ROb !

Sambor Village; Main House

Sambor Village;Sleep

Sambor Village ;Bath

Sambor Village; Chill

Sambor Village; Lounge

Sambor Village; Eat

NOT Sambor Village;Insect farming

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