Dengue Fever rocks out

The concert crew

Yeah Baby

Back here I blogged about watching Dengue Fever’s 2005 documentary about their tour to Cambodia. Well….5 years later and they are back. Last night a crew gathered at our house to power consume beer before heading over to Parkway Centre for a 300 ticket only concert. The band absolutely blew the place apart and everyone in the joint was heaving and sweating like maniacs. With 2++ hours of solid psychedelic khmer rock blaring out, our crew was thrashed at the end of it but not too thrashed to move on to Pontoon for a debrief. Luckily I had the next 5 days off !

Lead Singer Chhom Nimol

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4 Responses to Dengue Fever rocks out

  1. DFeverFan says:

    Glad you enjoyed the show. Turned out to be 600+ there. Working on bringing them back in 2011.

    • Man..they were the best !! I am so glad I got to see them and wanted to go again on the Thursday but the hangover…..phew !!!!!!! After having them on high rotation here in the house in Cambodia for years and introducing my khmer family to them, we were just stoked to be in the crowd. 10 points ! AAA+++. Can’t wait till 2011.

  2. DFeverFan says:

    Well… They’ll have a new album out at the beginning of next year (hopefully) and then hopefully they’ll be back for a tour of Cambodia at the beginning of 2011. I enjoyed the way they performed with CLA singers and masters. Hope you and the family did too.

  3. mrhump says:

    Was a great show,very well produced.
    Dont know about that pre concert photo though-looks like the acid was starting to kick in…

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