Sloppy Poker

Mw wife cooks up in her new,$4 swinging 60s dress

Not a very nice title but apt. On Friday night after some 8 ball at the Pickled Parrot I headed over to Naga Casino for some poker. With Curran sitting at the opposite end of the table and with both of us in fine form, a good ( and profitable ) time was had . Come Saturday, it was time for our monthly home game so most of the day was spent preparing for it. Leakhana shopped for food and I prepped the house. On the night some 12 players turned up, along with dolled up wives and screaming hordes of kids. We also had two new comers in Ali ( GB ) , Agatha ( Espana ) and Ati ( FIN ). As the beer flowed and the food was devoured, the chip stacks in the first game went Ali’s way. The skies opened up and a downpour flooded the4 front yard within minutes. Luckily the poker pen was elevated and we escaped a complete wipe-out.

Waters rising

The soggy crew

The second game was a little messy as we all got stuck into a bottle of Finland’s national drink – A bottle of Stolychnya with a WHOLE packet of Fisherman’s Friend lozengers dropped into it. After the initial shock, this drink is actually a fantastically zingy and warming tipple. Murph played the second game flawlessly and scooped the $160 off pot. Well done son.

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