The Pen got a brand new toy

Well…..I have finally done it . After months and months of swearing at my digital point’n’snap for it’s inability to fire up quick enough when I really want ot catch a moment I have gone out and bought a DSLR camera. I looked into doing this when I bought the new Canon snappy just before Grace was born but got scared and chickened out. Now I am the owner of a beautiful second hand Canon rebel Xsi which came with a 18-55 and a 70-300 lens ( no idea what they mean ! ) all for $400 which I think is a steal. The cheapest one I could find on eBay was going to be about $460 off before postage to Cambodia. I spent the entire weekend taking photos and the difference in quality – even on simple AUTO function is just mind blowing. Did you see the photos here of Grace pouring the water out ? Amazing huh ? Anyways, it should make a big difference to this blog and my photos in general from now on and I intend on taking a photography course like this excellent one. Here are some more ;

Pretty in Pink.


My 75c Dalek toothpick dispenser

Look at that shot will ya ! That cup is FROZEN in mid air !

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