ANZAC Day 2010

Ok I am almost back to normal now after a monstrous weekend. Friday night we had a few beers at Dave and Aoife’s new house in Russian Market and then headed to a small cafe for some beef and jugs. Saturday we did a bunch of chores and then attended young Jori Schneider’s first birthday which included lots of toddlers and a swimming pool.


Jozza takes a splash

When Saturday night rolled around I decided to have a quiet night in as I had a huge day following with ANZAC Day and an ABAC bash to MC . Well….that was the plan anyways. I headed over to Aussie XL to have a quiet dinner which turned into drinks with Leakhana,Pese,Phalla and others at Rubies which turned into RiverHouse which turned into Pontoon with Lyn and Jerome joining us. I stumbled out of there at 4am and considered going straight to  the Dawn service at the embassy but luckily thought better of it.

A mere couple of hours later ( Sunday / ANZAC day no less ) I get rudely awaken at 6a.m by those seemingly never ending renovators, those pesky Vietnamese next door hammering into their walls . Still drunk, I venture out into the garden and with a string of invectives which possibly includes the words “god damned youn ****s ” , I let fly over the fence with a burst from my 20mm water hose. The noise stops immediately and I return to slumber until 11 am when I again get rudely awoken, this time by my lovely wife saying  ” shouldn’t you be going to the ABAC BBQ to set up ?” . Ergggghhh mumble mumble I go back to sleep and eventually I show up at 1pm.They waste not time on torturing me and I am straight into MCing the raffles. After that I run the two up game I ( in which I clean up to the tune of about $140 ) , more raffles and two auctions. Grace  is by now running around with a flotilla of kids and having the time of her life, I settle in to a boozy afternoon of red wine with Messr Gager and by 8pm we are both seven sheets to the wind. GO YOU ANZACS.

Monday – voiceless and shattered. Set a near world record for TV watching as I polished off Mad Men, tucked into the Green Mile with Matt Damon and then knocked off the majority of B4and of Brothers.

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