The Monks pay a visit and the day gets messy.

Whilst chatting with my wife the other day she happened to mention that Super Yay ( Grace’s great Grandmother ) has said that this year she really wanted to have a pre-Khmer New Year blessing form the monks. Yay never asks for a thing and leads a very …well…..static existence so together with Phalla and Tra we chipped in and through Yay a shindig. Having cooked most of the afternoon the day before , the family then stayed over and were in the kitchen again at 8a.m. I decamped for some peace and quiet at Gloria Jeans coffee and then arrived home at 10am to find family, a few friends a a couple of monks already settling in to the re-arranged living room.

The Catering crew. My mother and sisters in law.

Monks in the house

Yay gets her wish

Grace looks on perplexed

For about an hour or so there was plenty of chanting and magical water being flicked around. As usual it was all very relaxed so I was able to move around and take plenty of photos and even a film with my little HD camera. With plenty of fans and the AC going, it was very comfortable and the kitchen smelled fantastic.Soon enough we passed over the alms and then it was all over and the monks beat a hasty retreat. Now it was time to get on with the serious business of the after party.

One offering

Two offerings

Three offerings !

The esky was loaded up with beer and the food hit the table and after some solid noshing on chicken curries and Khmer spaghetti, we settled in to some nice cold beers in the garden which was copping a nice breeze. The kids ran around and Grace and Vichea swam in the blow up pool. Phone calls went out and more people arrived. Dara, Mark and a very pregnant and soon to drop Srey Touche, Jeff, Brunt and eventually Brunt’s useless man-bitch-house-boy Rochester brought the Jeff and Brunt’s dogs over after telling Brunt he was too busy playing guitar to do it. Things got pretty messy after that. More cases of beer arrived. People came and went and then I just simply had to exit stage left.

The buffet gets set up.

Grace has a dip

Tra goes hunting for mangoes

..and succeeds !

Phalla,Tra and Dara

Srey Pek

Leakhana and her Poker Face

Leakhana and boof head

Brunt's Thai Ridgback post-surgery and protected against ripping his own stitches out.

The lads table

Dara ( who can play guitar ) Rochester ( who can't do much at all ) and Phalla tackling Tra

My Super Yay

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