Sponsoring the Rugger

I got asked by the Sterling brothers if my company would sponsor the U20 Trophy at a recent Federation of Cambodia Rugby Union tournament and we happily obliged. Spent Saturday morning running around getting banners printed and then on Sunday loaded Aoife and Murph into the truck and drove out to the Old Stadium. As the sweat dripped off me ( I spent 2 previous hours chopping out the final stalks of bamboo back at home ) , I felt for the players who ranged from tiny tots to girls to boisterous freshy boy and onwards to the adults. As a sponsor I got a seat in the VIP box with the head of UNESCO, a lovely, regal older Khmner lady, His Excellency Ohkna Somebodyorother and some effete little nonce from the French Embassy who didn’t know his rugby from his French Naval defeats. A few cold beers later it was time to present the trophy and in a python-esque moment I git ushered in early and actually awarded the U17s their trophy ! I asked Tom Sterling for a discount on my sponsorship but he declined 😉 A great day out.

The Trophy table

Ready for a run on

Stop that man!.....bugger.....too late.

Freshy Rugby playaz

The U20....er U17 champions

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