Our first poker tournee

This month we decided to hold our regular monthly home game at our house. Paul has graciously had the last 2 years worth of matches at his house so it was only fair we opened the gates to players and their kidz ( and dog ! ). The outside cabana was made for it and despite everyone being hungover as hell from Arturo’s head wetting and other assorted events the night before, we ploughed on . I took the first game convincingly (with the wife whinging incessantly about “being robbed” )  and in the second game it came down to Murph and I. Murph got well and truly stack high and then made a couple of amateur mistakes and with an upper cut and a jab he was on the floor and out. Result = me up $200 on the night. Where were you Luke ?  Aileen turned up looking a million$$ having attended a wedding and it was soon night night for everyone.

The poker pit

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