Review; Generation Kill / Rating = *****

If , like me, you are a fan of realistic war genre movies ( or perhaps an Iraq war veteran which I am certainly not )…..then Generation Kill is a MUST SEE. Jarhead was good, The Hurt Locker was outstanding and deserved of the 6 or so Oscars it won but GK is just bloody unreal. I bought it on spec last Sunday and whilst I would generally be cautious of HBO doing a 7 episode mini-series about the invasion of Iraq, I have been trying …and failing ….to ration my viewing sessions but it’s so addictive I have almost finished the show with just the final episode to go.

Outstanding Gentlemen.

Get some !

If you google reviews on Generation Kill it comes in at a near perfect rating and most reviews are from Marines themselves who are thanking the producers for delivering one of the most, if not THE most, realistic representations of the Iraq war and the Recon Marine forces ever. With no musical accompaniment and non of the overly gritty and documentary type filming that The Hurt Locker had, GK is full of totally believable characters, apparently 100% accurate marine-esque dialogue and believe it or not….plenty of laughs. My favourite part – the insanely gory part where the sniper team from Alpha Company take out and Iraqi RPG team of 2 guys with a 40mm sniper rifle from about 800m out. The blood…..oh the blood ! I replayed that about 5 times and even called Leakhana out of the kitchen to have a look. Similar scene in The Hurt Locker. As a champion large calibre long-range target shooter myself ( Gold Medallist, Queens Cup NZ 1984 / 7.62 mm cal over 1000m ) something about watching the sniper team hit the deck, test the wind, make site adjustments before firing off CRACK and then a delay before ***SPLAT*** just gave me a woody.

Then we have the characters :

Captain America ; The inept Captain who freaks out over the company- wide comms radio every time they are in a tight situation “Godamnit we are all going to die here…this is going to be another Vietnam “, collects souvenirs like AK47s ( which he then uses to shoot fleeing innocents in the back with ) and generally runs around with his head so far up his arse his sphincter is choking him.

Godfather ; The raspy voiced , square jawed Lieutenant Colonel who refers to himself as just that ” Gentleman….Godfather WILL find a mission for you be assured ! ” who briefs his commanders in the most no-nonsense, inspiring and analytical way. When he tells the Rolling Stone reporter embedded with the unit his voice is due to throat cancer he is asked “are you a smoker ? “. Godfather just smiles wryly and says ” no…I just got lucky”.

Corporal Ray” Ray Ray” ; The hopped up, motor mouthed, Elvis glass wearing, Hum Vee driving red neck who believes wars are all created by a lack of pussy. He is the poster boy for the show and here are some of his hysterically delivered quotes;

The boys have just read out a letter sent by a 7 year old school boy called Fred admonishing them for fighting in a war;

Corporal Josh Ray Person: Dear Frederick, thank you for your nice letter, but I am actually a US Marine who was born to kill whereas clearly you have mistaken me for some sort of wine-sipping Communist dick-suck. And although peace probably appeals to tree-loving bisexuals like you and your parents, I happen to be a death-dealing, blood-crazed warrior who wakes up every day just hoping for the chance to dismember my enemies and defile their civilizations. Peace sucks a hairy asshole, Freddy. War is the motherfucking answer.

The boys have just come close to a firefight but in the end no shots were fired;

Lance Cpl. Harold James Trombley: Sergeant, I didn’t get to shoot!

Cpl. Josh Ray Person: That fucking sucks, Trombley. Did your recruiting officer tell you you’d get to shoot people?

Lance Cpl. Harold James Trombley: Fucking A he did!

Cpl. Josh Ray Person: See, Trombley asked about shooting people. I asked about pussy. The guy told me I’d get to go to Thailand and get all kinds of strange. What’d you ask about, Brad? Brad probably saw that T.V. commercial, the one with the knight that fucks up the dragon that turns into the Marine.

Cpl. Walt Hasser: Woo woo! Dress blues with a sword!

Cpl. Josh Ray Person: Fucking dress blues commercial man. That got so many fucking dudes. Now look at us: Trombley hasn’t killed anybody, I’m half a world away from good Thai pussy, and Colbert is out here rolling around fuckbutt Iraq hunting for dragons in a MOPP suit that smells like four days of piss and ball sweat.

And finally, my favourite character , the battalion’s Sargent Major, John Sixta ; The Sargent Major is the designated ball breaker and “hygiene standards” crusader who is constantly ripping his soldiers ( “god-damned hippety faggots UNFUCK YOURSELVES”) about their shirts being un-tucked ( in 50c heat) and their mustaches being all “Elvisy” . He speaks with weird Cajun, red neck, plural adding “we’s”.


Check him out here ;

So…….this show is a ripper and I cannot recommend it highly enough.


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1 Response to Review; Generation Kill / Rating = *****

  1. Brett says:

    I’ll agree that Hurt Locker was an outstanding movie but jarhead?
    It was too much of a full metal jacket wannabe flick that failed to entertain from the word go.
    Still, hadn’t heard of Generation Kill so will grab a copy of that today!

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