Shane’s Heavenly (and Hellish) 38th birthday

Saturday night brought around Shane’s Heaven and Hell themed birthday party. Busy all day Saturday, we didn’t give much thought to preparing and around 3pm I had a stroke of genius. I figured we could at least get our faces done at a beauty salon. Phalla wanted to come to the party too so I asked the girls where and without haste we jumped in to the car and went to Phnom Penh’s premier Katoey ( Lady Boy ) salon – Cin Dy. Miss Cin Dy is a very feisty Katoey with a deep voice, high heels and a whip cracking in her incredibly busy salon which hosts no fewer than about 10 katoeys all primping and preening. I had put a photo  of Alice Cooper on my phone and when I asked ” Can you do this ?” I got a look like “What do you this is grrrlfiend ? A damn auto shop ? OF COURSE we can do it sweety”. The girl/guy/whatever that made me over was a master/mistress of her trade and she did a great job on Leakhana and Phalla too. I then had my nails painted black and Leakhana had her hair pumped out and the total cost ? $15. I tipped em $5 which they loved. I thought that was fair for 11/2 hours work . The drive  home drew some interesting stairs and when we entered the house, Phalla absolutely freaked Grace out. She screamed, started crying hysterically and ran into her room and hid. Poor little thing. Vichea just looked at us all with a ” what the hell are you lot thinking ?” look on his face.

Phalla gets a makeover from he/she

Michael Jackson eat your heart out.

Seemed like a good idea at the time. Then I woke up the next day.

Scary Spice(s)

Don't worry kids.I won't eat you.

It was then over to Shane’s for the main event. Again, this time some very funny looks from everyone as we cruised over to the party in a Tuk Tuk.

Curran gets up close with the Ice Queen.

We were met by the Birthday boy himself in his custom made Abbot’s robe. We were the first there but everyone soon started arriving and unfortunately no-one made much of an effort. Typical lazy bastard PP expats. Tammy looked amazing in a hot red devil’s outfit and all the helpers wore horns as well. After a few beers it was down to Poker business ( with the NAGA Casino girls dealing ) and as the trays of delicious food and jugs of beer kept coming we settled in to a rambling cash game that spread across three tables. The evening got rowdier and rowdier as the karaoke machine got louder and louder ( The Carter’s…..oh the Carter’s !) and in the end, it was a just a dribbling mess of trashed revellers. Nice one Shane and Tammy. Can’t wait for the 40th !

Welcome my son

Game on

His Holiness ready to kick arse

The girls sitting in hell

She ended up armless. We all ended up legless.

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