The new front wall and gate get a lick……

One of the first things I got my guys on to at the new house was the front gate and wall. The gate was in a pretty poor state with a lot of rust and it was badly configured for locking. The front wall looked like something from the Gaza Strip and I believe the front of your house should be welcoming. Well…I think it is now ! Next up- the inside walls.



The guys that did the work.

Celebrated last night by having Paul, Chris and Darren over for some beers, some pizza and a game of poker. Leakhana joined in and the Grace played happily with Paul’s kids. A little later we spied some dark shapes circling in the shadows – two huge street rats. I grabbed a trusty length of whippy bamboo and chased one back and forth and with the guys all spotting for me I so had it cornered.THWACK THWACK THWACK. Blood everywhere  and one very dead rat.

Action shot : The Rat Hunter

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5 Responses to The new front wall and gate get a lick……

  1. gavinmac says:

    The gate definitely looks much better.

  2. Goyzer says:

    1 rat down, 9,785,331 to go…….

  3. Goyzer says:

    gate looks the nuts by the way….

  4. Lucky Seven says:

    should be happy now , plenty space and looks good…….did ya get Dusty yet ?

    • Yeah it’s come together fantastically. Still got a few things to do but it looks the goods and Grace loves it. No- Jeff won’t give her up. Last seen begging for love and food next door 😉

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