The Big Move

Absolutely rooted today. ROOTED.

Having spent the entire week going to and fro the new house after work to make sure all the rectifications were going well, come Friday night I was now facing the process of moving the next day. A few beers at the new Aussie XL ( more on that in another post soon ) and then dinner at Yumi with Murph, Aoife,Becca and some others and we were heading back to Ti’s cafe at Russian Market for Phalla’s birthday . I intended only  to have a couple of beers and go home but ….well…..Tra got me started and we ended up rats arsed. Uh oh……….

Woke up Saturday with a bloody hangover and a blue truck inbound at 10am. Everything was pretty much packed and ready to go and with Danay on board to help, things were, I was sure going to go like clockwork, Thank god we did not move the weekend before as there was a huge wedding on right outside the front door. The other hurdle was the old pot-holed cross street at the western end of our street had been ripped up in preparation for concreting meaning a lot of u-turns would be needed. Anyways the truck arrived almost on time and away the 3 guys went. Well,actually,2 guys did most of the work whilst the “Supervisor / driver” did fuck all. I was having none of that and half way through the move I told him to get of his lazy arse and help his men because some of the stuff was just too heavy for two guys. They started with the garden ( two trips in total) and then the furniture (another two trips). Their packing skills left a lot to be desired and on more than one occasion I had to get them to rejig the whole truck so they ended up getting more stuff in. Nice try at wangling extra trips guys but my dad was an engineer and taught me how to pack a house into a sardine can.Several hours later we were all done and at $15 a trip it came out to $60. I tipped the two workers a crispy new 10000r note each ( $2.50 ) and  as he stood there waiting for his hand out I also gave the lazy supervisor a tip – ” Mate….if you want a tip – work harder !”. He got nothing more from me. Although to be fair he did then also take a bed back to the family apartment for free but i know the to workers were going to carry it up three flights of stairs while he sat in the truck so bugger him.

Inside comes together

Leakhana had the flu so she was in a poor way and I made her lie down while Danay and I got on with the job of moving stuff out into the right rooms, mopping floors, arranging furniture and generally destroying ourselves in a frenzy of activity. When Leakhana woke up the three of us went over to a new cafe called K-Kafe at Russian Market which, whilst very nicely outfitted, served me the smallest beef stew I have ever had. Clearly they do not understand the concept of stew being a gut filler because I was still hungry after the meal and getting grumpier by the second. By 6pm we were shot ducks and Danay headed home with $10 in his pocket and we headed over to Aussie XL again for dinner. A huge steak and mash with salad saw me finally satiated an we went home to flop into bed.

Rub a dub scrub

Yesterday  Danay and I on re-erected the bamboo trellis. We needed to chop about a meter off each length and knowing how tough bamboo is to saw through, I gave that job to Danay. Soon enough we had it up and I then moved on to doing 4 loads of washing in the new washing machine. So bloody nice to have a machine finally. I then took the opportunity to take a two hour nap in the “Bamboo Room” ( photos to follow) and then around 5pm Phalla showed up with Grace,Vichea,Nek and Pek .Before I could say ” Hey lets relax and drink some cold beer” they all donned rubber gloves and buckets and brushed and scrubbed 60% of the outdoor tiles !!  I had done a small patch a few days earlier and they came up a treat after years of dirt and grime collecting on them and I whilst i kept begging Phalla to stop scrubbing ( she was dressed in nice jeans and a top ) she just wouldn”t.  Eventually around 6.30pm everyone downed tools,showered and whilst I had a few coldies in our new outdoor cabana, Leakhana cooked up a storm and we all sat down to christen the new dining room table. Needless to say I slept like a dead man last night and this morning I would love to have slept in but alas….work was beckoning.

I will post some more photos when all is said and done.

Grace and friends in her new AC'd play pen. Check out the look on her face.

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  1. sochetra says:

    when we have a party there mate??

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