The new house gets a makeover.

With a week up my sleeve before we take possession of the house I have taken the opportunity to mobilise my troops an have some repairs done that are much needed. Some basic stuff like leaking faucets and TV Cable wiring, washing machine installs etc etc and then some small alterations that will greatly improve the houses all-round look and feel. Around lunch time yesterday I went and checked on progress and the boys were passed out on their lunch break so I left them a case of water and then at 5pm I returned with 1/2 a slab of beer on ice which the boys jumped on. After the repairs the house is going to need a bloody good clean !

Removal of very old dirty and brittle carport awning that made the inside of the house very dark. I will replace this with the Bamboo and split can trellis we had at the old house. This will look great, provide shade inside when needed in the late afternoon whilst allowing sunlight to reach some new trees we will plant and also to make the house lighter inside during the earlier part of the day ( see below ).

Removing the carport has now made a huge difference inside. SUNLIGHT ! Prior to that it was pretty dark inside.

Darth Vader and his angle grinder.

Front gate is being stripped and repainted as it is was pretty rusted out . We are also having it reconfigured so we do not have to bend down to ankle height to open it - a really stupid design that most Khmer gates have. Gate ironwork will be painted black and tin will be white. Eventuality we will paint front wall French Colonial Yellow.

Removal of hideously ugly and badly rotted and warped built-in. I will replace with our custom made rattan shelving and drawers that will fit perfectly in the 1.7m cavity and add a hanging rack.

The Genset being serviced. This will happen monthly and ensure there is no downtime

Wide angle BEFORE shot.

Other things that are on the list ;

-Planting out the garden which will not be hard as we are taking our HUGE collection of plants with us and will also buy some mature trees to put in.

– Garden lights to illuminate the garden

– Scrubbing all outside tiles to remove years of dust. Underneath they are actually very nice.

-Painting the interior perimeter walls which will be done by moi with a tub of simple white exterior U-90, some rollers and a few cases of beer.

-Painting internally – see above

– Rethatching the outside cabana roof which is old and tired and then tricking it out with sound and lights to create a nice chillaxing area for beers and cards.

– Knocking a door through from kitchen to side alley to create second access point and also some much needed light and ventilation.

– Adding an outside “bush” shower with huge rose head shower top for those after-chore cooling showers

Stay tuned for more updates………….

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  1. LaudJohn says:

    Looks like a fair bit of work you are doing. Have you bought this house? And what area is it in?

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