International Hang Out My Washing Day

Well it was a bloody busy weekend. AGAIN. I swear there never seems to be a dull or lax moment here in Phnom Penh. Friday night we had Nek and Pek over and as we had a  big day planned for the following day, I decided we should take it easy. We bought some Peking duck at the market and a few beers and after dining heartily Leakhana announces she has changed some money and would I like to play some heads up Poker. Several hours and more than several beers later I was bereft of cash, half drunk and heading to bed.  Nice lazy Friday night my arse.

A bargain

Saturday saw me heading to work until Midday and then dropping some tables over to Rob’s house as he was hosting a large combined party that night for Alex’s 5th birthday / housewarming. It was then home for packing up some of the house in readiness for next weeks move. Anthony dropped in for a mid arvo beer ( 1.30pm and by this time it’s about 400c outside ) and then very kindly gave Leakhana and I a lift over to Central Market. We were to pick up our HUGE ( 2.1mlong / 1.15m wide ) new dining table and 8 chairs but first had to organise a blue truck. These little 7tonne Korean made trucks are everywhere and will carry out any task required. A price of $15 was negotiated and we then went over to the house to pick up the table. We had inspected the table a little earlier in the week and it was being sold at $350 by a French lass who had been working out at the ECCC and was now relocating to The Hague. She had paid $500 to have it made several years earlier and I really don’t think she knew what she was sitting on . With the price of wood now sky high in Cambodia, I reckon this table could now have sold for close to $800 or so. I offered her $300 for the table and $150 for the 8 chairs and she accepted ! Ripper. I was initially worried about the size of this beast but once we got it to the house it actually looked small inside the new living room.

We then headed home and prepared for Rob’s party which luckily was just down the road. Flowers (for Rattana ) , imported beer ( for rob ) and a remote control Monster Truck for Alex were procured and with Leakhana, Nek ,Pek, Grace and Piersay loaded into the Tuk Tuk we went all of 200m before getting out in front of Rob’s house. Inside a monstrous gaggle of screaming kids and partying Khmer awaited and it was bedlam all around. Swimming races in the pool, buffets of delicious food, huge tubs of beer and music blaring out made for a fun evening. Then someone decided it would be a good idea to go out so I went home and changed and was soon headed for Star Club ( an all Khmer EXPENSIVE night club with all the women. Next stop River-house to pick up Ang and Paul and then finally Pontoon where we bumped into Simon and Darren still partying hard after Rob’s place.

Needless to say Sunday was very sedate and I did not get out of bed until 2pm. I then spent the afternoon inspecting the couch and perusing DVDs and around 4.30pm I received a message from Paul to say that a poker game was going to start at his house at 6.30pm so I dusted off, showered and headed over. It was stinking hot so it was a half nude game and Luke, Leakhana and Darren were all in the game too. Paul had two monster hands in the first 30 minutes that saw him stack high and everyone thinking the game was going to be over within the hour. The beers got the better of him though and his chips slowly ebbed towards everyone else. It was soon just Luke and I with a pot of $160 up for grabs and with blinds at $5/6 it wasn’t long before I was the last man standing. Hurrah.

The next day ( yesterday ) was International Women’s Day so after a leisurely brunch of Pho noodles we went bed shopping and Leakhana beat the rattan shop down from $240 to $180 for a custom design King base so we were bloody happy with that. I then went over to the new house to clean the yard and clear out some old furniture we were not keeping and my wife headed for the beauty shops.

As I said to her….”Happy International Women’s day ! It’s a beautiful day out there and you should be outside…HANGIN’ MY WASHING !”.

She was having none of it.

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