Grace ; All dressed up and ready to go.

Wiggle it, just a little bit !

Chez Schneider

Last night at the last moment we got asked over to Shane and Tammy’s new house for a spot of dinner. Grace did not have much time to get her wardrobe together but in true freshy style she managed to throw a little ensemble together complete with her new shoulder bag. On arrival at Chez Schneider, I felt like I had traveled back in a time warp to Kirribilli. Their new house is on St 41, a small ring road that has wall to wall ****-off mansions on it,security guards on every gate and not a single car parked on the street – except ours . Quite surreal. Grace went straight over to Jorie’s play pen and made herself at home and after atour of the expansive house we tucked into some Laos noodles ( Tammy was born in Laos but raised in Melbourne so is pure Aussie ) and then settled down for a beer and a chat.

Leakhana,Grace,Tammy and Jorie

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