New beds,a Three Rivers BBQ and Red Fox poker

When your new boss says “C’mon its Friday night / the end of the month – and we are going drinking” what is a guy to do ? Needless to say Friday night turned into a rambling adventure that took in no fewer than 4 bars, a night club and a restaurant somewhere in the middle. Saturday was hot and stinky but Leakhana and I were on a mission to find our new work bench….er…bed. After 2 years of enduring sub SUB-quality sleep due to the sub-SUB quality mattress we bought when we moved into The Compound, and with the new house looming, we decided it was time to treat ourselves. Humphrey steered us towards a  great shop on Mao Tse Tung Blvd called Home Living and off we went.

On arrival at Home Living we were met by the Manageress ( A Khmer lass of about 27 or so ) with a broad ” G’Day mate” !!  Turns out she has been living in Melbourne with her husband for years and this bird really knows her beds ! Normally when you think of bed salespeople you think of car salespeople or carpet salespeople right ? ( notice the usage of PC  language) Well , this lass was amazing. When I offered a simple ” We are looking for a new bed as we have not had a decent nights sleep in 2 years ( unless drunk or diazapamed !!) ” She  asked ;

” Do you both roll around all night like a croc performing death rolls ?


” So you both sleep with comforter pillows ?”  ( you know, those long sausage type pillows….)

” YES ! ”

“Do you rarely if ever sleep flat on your backs ?”

“YES !”

” Your mattress is way too hard !”

The fact that she pinpointed those few issues was very impressive and she soon had us lie down on a Sealy. We both groaned in comfort and I asked her how much. The mattress alone was $1800 so we jumped off it faster than if we had lain down on a bed of fire ants. Next stop was the KING SIZED German latex mattress ( kinky huh !?”). Well….it took us all of about 5 minutes to decide that this insanely comfortable one was for us. We both lay there in ecstasy and when she knocked it down from $900 to $800 for cash it was a done deal. Free delivery to the new villa thrown in.

I then took Leakhana to Psar Kandal as she was after some beauty therapy and I headed home to get some much needed rest. The hot season is creeping up fast and my head was pounding by this stage. Mid afternoon Shane sms’d me to say he and Tammy were going to Three Rivers for the BBQ before heading over to the Red Fox for the Saturday night poker tourney and that sounded like a bloody good idea to me so I showered and jumped a moto over to Eden’s place. Several cold pints later I was feeling much better and the BBQ lamb and salad buffet only strengthened me further. Tammy and Shane arrived with their entourage ( driver, nanny, child etc ) and we piled into the back of the Lexus and headed over to the RF in good spirits. When we got to the game we were amazed to see about 25 guys already playing ( inclduing the insanely gay Laudjohn ) and they had to set up another table for us. I had jokingly said to Shane I did not want to sit near either Raz, Big John or Keith as they mess with my head and who do you reckon sat down at our table ? Yes. Those three. Leakhana arrived a little later and despite begging to be sat on the same table as me , she was put onto a table of sharks and was soon bowing out.

Our table was hysterical. Whilst the other tables sat in silence and concentrated like it was the WSOP, our table just got rowdier and rowdier. Everyone was in fine form, the banter was thick and  fast and the cards were loose mother goose. Tammy blew out early and re bought and I had a nice little run before decided that I was not really in for staying all night to try and win and with Leakhana sitting beside me and the room full of thick smoke, I made a wild all-in call with A3 suited spades against Glenn from The Walkabout’s KQ. He took me out and we headed off into the night to meet Phalla and Tra at Tee’s cafe in Russian Market. Shane went on to take 3rd and Big John took either 1st or 2nd.

The next day we went out looking for a nice base for the new bed but I think that is going to be a story in itself so stay tuned……

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4 Responses to New beds,a Three Rivers BBQ and Red Fox poker

  1. gavinmac says:

    Almost all mattresses in Cambodia are too hard. I think it’s becasue Cambodians are used to sleeping on floors and wooden boards. They must think hard mattresses are luxurious.

  2. Goyzer says:

    Mate , what new villa ?????
    you are going to have to fill in some dots here!!

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