Get your motor running

Let the games begin.

Me as I own the Frenchies

I received a last minute invitation from Murph to go Kart Racing at Kambol Track on Saturday morning for his birthday. Despite having a hangover that would kill most men thanks to huge event filled Friday night, I was soon loading up the truck with a bunch of fellow racers and heading out of town. On arrival at the track the heat was stifling but we were all keen to get going. On the first race one of our racers de-wheeled his kart and sprained his ankle and foot which put an early end to his day. A couple of French guys provided worthy adversaries and I was soon taking them on tete a tete. As we roared around the tight, bouncy but fun track there was much fist waving, fender bending and good old competitive rivalry. In the first round they teamed up and executed the Malachi crunch on me as I headed into a corner. Dust flew, I ate grass and they took that round. Next time off the grid I got a great start and despite the first few laps being very close the French cheese eating surrender monkeys were soon left pondering Aussie domination. As the distant pop of AK47s from the firing range sounded, the rest of the crew quaffed cold beers and around 5pm we headed back into town and to the Aussie XL club house for a debrief. At $12 for 10 minutes the karts are major fun and I’ll definitely be going back out.

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