Grand Phnom Penh International City

The Grand entrance

Had my first site visit today. Actually 2 but the first was an eye opener. I took one of our draftsmen and a  building inspector out to do Building reports on 4 villas out at the Grand Phnom Penh International City which is out in Toul Kork. Bloody hell. The site is 260ha and when finished ( if ! ) it will comprise 3500 villas and 1500 apartments, an 18 hole golf course,aquatic driving range and state of the art water park. Villas are selling for $500k ++ and they are actually quite nice. They are very spacious and feature huge windows and balconies off the 4 bedrooms. Many have golf course views which are very nice and there is easily room in the backyard for a lap pool. The quality was above average for Cambodia but I could still nitpick over every room. The most amazing design flaw I could see was the kitchen. They have just been added on like an afterthought like a storeroom almost ! Unbelievable.

How it will look one

Retail Space

Aquatic driving range with floating distnace markers

Your McMansion awaits

Inside one of the spacious villas

Nice view at the front

Rural view out the back

The crazy kitchen ! Check out the sink in this $500k house !

Still got a wat to go yet. 4 holes in, 14 more to come.

Decent sized front yards

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3 Responses to Grand Phnom Penh International City

  1. Goyzer says:

    would like to hear a little more of what your new job entails if you get time?
    cheers pal.

  2. humphrey says:

    Gave those villas a good coat of looking at in the middle of the wet.
    The place was surrounded by water with many pumps working.
    The villas were then 450K.
    the golf course looks good but they couldnt tell me the fees so I let the villa go.
    Not bad for the money,but in the middle of nowhere.

  3. Tee says:

    WOWWW.. Looks better than most of the houses here in the U.S. where am living at!

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