The Bangkok Chronicles – PART 2 / The Bar Scene

Sorry, for those of you who thought this might be a run down on the seedy side of Bangkok – bad luck. I don’t do the seedy pit that is Sukhumvit.  Here is just a snapshot of some of the bars we visited  in and around the Kao Sahn Road area. There were so many to choose from it was dizzying but we just stopped for a drink if we liked the look of the place and man did we find some awesome bars. They make the average 4x15m bar in Phnom Penh look downright boring and unimaginative. MBeer prices average around $2usd for a small bottle of Chang.

Street side sheesha

The world's smallest cocktail bar ?

Addicted to jello

An alluring doorway

Eaux de Ville - Rocker Bar

NO ID(ea) required

Soi Ambience

Apsaras await

I want one of these guys for our garden..

Corner chill out

Reggae Bar mon. Tiny but worth a look.

Tiny pool table @ Reggae Bar

Finished with the beer ? get a piercing....

The largest place by far on KSR

Did someone say beer ?

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