ABAC Australia Day bash at KidzCool Cambodia

Nice nails

On Saturday,despite it being a little after the event, The Australian Business Association of Cambodia held its annual Australia Day party . As usual we were flying blind with regards to how many people to expect…especially seeing as the actual day had passed and the location was over the river. Imagine our surprise when some 250 men woman and children turned up ! Struth.  Luckily our venue, the simply amazing KidzCool was well equipped to handle the masses. I was just blown away when I walked into this veritable oasis of fun. It seems to go on forever and with something for all age groups ( even the adults) this place is going to be a winner and a popular haunt for stressed out parents with active kids.Check this out……..

Where to go first ? Decisions decisions.....

Eric ( owner ) and Steve ( ABAC Prez ) come off the water slide

The kids pool

Srey Nek goes up the climbing wall with ease

Kids chill out zone

Mini Climbing wall

but wait there is more…………….

Bend it like Beckham

The Ice cream hut

Quick round of Sumo anyone ?

The rear villa - nice place to hang for the parents

Grace in one of the many blow up castles

Make your own Lily Perles jewellery

The Giddyup zone

In the end the day was just fantastic. With a delicious spread of lamb chops and salads, Australian wines and beers on offer and everybody in fine spirits, I am pretty sure this one will be remembered as a real doozy. I was called on to MC the raffle for our supported NGO and guess whose number came up first ? Yes….mine ! I donated the lovely bag back for re-raffle much to the delight of the crowd and then guess whose number came up for the grand prize ? yes…..mine. One night in Siem Reap coming our way. You ripper.

A bunch of us ended up at Snowie”s Bar for a few evening drinks and it was then on to Yumi for me where I chowed heavily. More photos ? Sure……

Eric ( your host ) and I ( your Treasurer )

Eric ; "This wont hurt a bit Steve"

Me; "Eric ...this is probably going to hurt like hell...Anthony - get a photo will you..."

Ok so it wasn't all sheer stupidity on the day

Roey fires up the bbq

Grace. Learning to be a bogan early in life.......

Going up....

Coming down...

Steve;"You were right Eric....it did not hurt at all..."

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  1. humphrey says:

    I like that place

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