The court is now finished

I am pleased to report Murray and I christened his new court last night and it is an absolute cracker. I thought Squash went out in the 1970s with fondue and porn moustaches but it was alot of fun and a serious work out. Murray might not be the quickest guy on the court but his pin-point-to-the-corner serves are deadly and thus…….Murray 1 – The Phnom Pen 0.

I now am after a squash partner of medium standard one night a week if anyone is interested…………

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2 Responses to Squashed

  1. Goyzer says:

    How ironic , I too am after a squash partner! However, I feel the logistics may well save you from the soundest of thrashings……

    nb I know whats coming…..

  2. SunSan says:

    I especially enjoyed the unset.

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