Jim’s first day at work

My nephew Jim started his first job yesterday. After completing his HSC at Shore School in Sydney, Jim has decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and do a Carpentry Apprenticeship. Jim has always been a hands on kid and growing up he was right next to his grandfather,father and uncle( me ! ) whenever we were working on the farm or various projects. Now he is adept on the Lamborghini Tractor and rides a mean KTM too. I am particularly chuffed to see Jim launch into this apprenticeship year one out of school as he will be finished by the time he is 21 and will have a valuable trade to use throughout life. I am sure his dad is very pleased to but I just hope he is a little softer on Jim than he was on me when I used to work for him ! All the best Jim….study hard at TAFE and look after that new pup Lola ( BTW – were going to name our next daughter Lola !! ).

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3 Responses to Jim’s first day at work

  1. LaudJohn says:

    Good on him! If I had my time again I would do a trade (sparkie or plumbing). However it seems such a waste of a Shore education .. mind you us Alysious Boys always thought that Shore was a bit second rate!

  2. humphrey says:

    Dont do carpentry jim!
    Sparkie or better a a plumber.
    Dont be a chippie jim!

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