Grace ; A late Christmas gift

Grace got a nice little surprise today in the form of a late prezzie from Auntie Bell and her family back in Australia. She hasn’t quite got the hang of ripping into parcels yet and the Australia Post packs are almost impenetrable anyways but she was soon smiling away. Thanks

Ellerys !

Rip and tear Gracie !

Smiling already


And a new dress too !

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5 Responses to Grace ; A late Christmas gift

  1. LaudJohn says:

    Lucky girl… I bet she laughed when dad on the other end of the puppet did the shrill Kookaburra call! Good to see she is maintaining some small vestiage of her Aussie roots.

  2. LaudJohn says:

    How often does Leakhana get asked if Grace is her baby or similar statements/questions?

    • Actually in the beginning when she was taking Grace to Psar Kandal she was asked who she was nannying for all the time ! Now that everyone knows mother and daughter it isn’t so bad. I can see my wife in my daughter every day though and she has her mother’s character too. Is your wife getting same ?

  3. LaudJohn says:

    Yes my wife constantly gets the same, from people who don’t know her, many think she is the nanny or whatever. Many think she is way way too young to be a mother .. plus Lissa is a barang sized (and looking) baby and Mey is quite petite and asian.

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