Phnom Penh Fight Club ; January 2010

Are we there yet ? Are we there yet ?

On Friday night I slept terribly and as a result woke up at 3.30am. With no chance of getting back to sleep I decided to head downstairs for the TV and I lucked it because there was a one hour special on ESPN called Extreme Knockdowns featuring the best fights of the 2004 WEF season. Interesting notes from the show were a) The TAPOUT logo was about 10″ high on the ring so this must have been before the brand became the behnoth it is now  and b) Dana White was in the corner for a fight so this was just before he started the UFC and c) Randy Couture had hair !!  So it was fitting that it so happened Saturday was the first meeting of the PPFC. I decided to drive out to CTN and on arrival I met up with Murph,Anton and Donald ( an Oirish lad newly married and on is honeymoon ) but no Bazza ( back in OZ ) and no Glen ( getting ready for his birthday that night ). We were soon joined by a young lad toting a backpack and wearing an Australian Cricket top “G’day lads…can I join you ? I felt a bit stupid standing over there by myself !!”. Turns out he was on his way home to Perth and only had 30 minutes at the fight. At 20 years old he was a little clueless. Unsure how to get out to the airport, we called him a cab and told him it would cost him $9. ” Good..I only have $10 left on me !!”. We ask him what he is going to do about the $25 departure tax and the sick look on his face says it all. AS the poor little blighter has no credit card ( and no idea ) I end up slinging him the $25 for which is is very grateful. Fellow Aussie in need and all that. Now…on with the fights.

The first amateur boxing match was a real cracker. The khmer boys don’t quite get the concept of a basic 3 punch combo so the windmill punches come thick and fast and the rounds are pretty scrappy but what they lack in technique they well and truly make up for with heart and gusto. The PPFC money was on Blue and the Khmers must have thought they were on a sure thing with Red. With Murph screaming out “KILL,KILL,KILL” ( he meant to yell Keeyo – khmer for Blue ! ) our man was spurred on and much to our delight….he won !  The crowd cheerd us on was money was collected and the next fight went the same way with the PPFC lads taking khmer $loy$ yet again. Some minor glitches on the afternoon included getting busted for drinking beer by the security guard (which we talked our way out of ) and Anton’s annoying newest little midget buddy who we are sure had crapped his pants.

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