A day out on the Butterfly

Welcome aboard The Butterfly

After a super sleep Saturday night we loaded up the Esky and headed for the river to board The Butterfly for a day’s cruising. Turns out Aoife and her crew were out until 6am so the fact they even turned up was amazing let alone the amazing salads they managed to muster. Murph was in charge of procuring meat and did a fine job and so we set off on a fully stocked boat around 2pm. Captain Kim did a fine job of navigating the Tonle Sap and were soon moored up and noshing on a bbq. The Khmers still don’t get the fact that Aussies LIKE lighting BBQs and I could see Kim and his wife were a bit perplexed by it all. I assured him we trusted his abilities and we would leave him and his wife to cook but we were quite capable of starting it thanks very much.

Rear Deck

The zzzzzzzzzzzzzone

Before the feast I jumped into the river and had a very nice swim until I realised it was damn near impossible to get back on the boat. Some notes to the owners; as your customers all want to swim, get a ladder attached to the back of the boat.Organise the food and ice and booze so your customers don’t have to do it. Simple pasta and rice salads with some bread sticks, some boxes of beer, some slabs of water and hey presto…..we don’t have to carry all our own stuff down to the boat from the tuk tuk a million miles away.AND can you run the music on batteries so there is no need for the loud and annoying generator ?

At any rate The Butterfly is an oustanding day cruiser with a lovely feel about , a wonderful Captain and Wife team at the helm and a super day bed for shilling out on. I think we will book it for a sunset cruise and then a night dinner.

River life

More river life

Wicked sunset

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1 Response to A day out on the Butterfly

  1. LaudJohn says:

    There is no way I could haul my fat arse over anything higher than a beer can. …

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