Emma comes to visit

My gorgeous niece Emma and her equally gorgeous two friends Kate and Kate have just visited us in Phnom Penh.Mid-way through a SEA trip,we were very lucky to have the girls with us for 3 nights. Grace was absolutely thrilled to meet her aunt…er…cousin Emma and by the end of the stay she was more than comfortable with all the girls.Leakhana also loved having some new girlfriends to hang out with.

First contact

Emma enthralled

Emma and Grace

Having booked them into Kafe Korner Guest House in Russian Market which is very close to our house, the first night was spent having a simple meal in the downstairs cafe. The next day the girls took in Toul Sleng and The Killing Fields and we then had some afternoon drinks at our house. Phalla and Srey Neung joined us and I then took 6….yes…6 beautiful women out to dinner. A dream date and I was the envy of the town that night I can tell you. I took the group to YUMI on St288 which was simply incredible. A beautiful space and the food was insane. Everyone in Phnom Penh seemed to be eating there; John and Aejke,Paul and Ang,Rob Ainge, Dan Parkes. The girls loved the food and we were soon motoring over to Talking To a Stranger for some post dinner drinks.

Team Kate

Emma and Grace get digital

The following day, their last in Phnom Penh, Leakhana took the girls to Psar Kandal for some beauty therapy and we then had lunch at Friends restaurant. Later that evening we took the girls to a lively Khmer beer garden near our house for something a little different. By now Grace and the girls are great friends and I just felt very lucky to have them here. No surprises really but Emma has turned into a poised young woman with a lovely nature and the smarts and looks to go with it and her friends Kate and Kate showed she is keeping fine company. With a possible transfer to Oregon State University looming god knows when we will see Em again but this few days was very precious.

Have a safe trip girls and remember….WATCH THOSE WATER BOTTLES in Kho Pha Ngan !!

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