Kep ;The Red House and Breezes Restaurant

Just spent 4 days down in Kep and spied a couple of new buildings that have given me more ideas for houses.

First – the Red House . This almost completed weekender is being built buy a Barang down a side street near the old market. I pulled up and started taking a few photos of the fence and a little kid came over and let me into the house ! I tipped him 2000r for his troubles.One bedroom with living room and kitchen, it is a very nice little lay out indeed. I would have put the kitchen more towards the front of the house or made it a bit more open plan and used large glass quad-fold doors instead of the shutters but not a bad job.

From the front

Living Room


Side view - love those slot windows

Seperate dwelling

Nice fence

Secondly; A new restaurant on the waterfront down hear the Coastal Office called Breezes. Horrible bloody name but a fantastic job on the cafe. A wonderful deck and custom furniture with smart bathrooms and a lovely clean kitchen. Huge garden area perfect for kids and view to die for. Construction cost ; $22k

Frontal view

Deckside dining

Custom wood furniture

Beachfront day bed

The bar

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