No wonder I don’t live in Australia anymore.

Today’s Sydney Morning Herald runs this article which, in essence, says that some coastal councils in NSW are now placing bans on additions to existing beach front homes based on a report that outlined where the 2025 sea level would be. Now..I don’t know about you but if I have shelled out millions of dollars for a slice of seashore paradise I don’t want to be told by some fucking hippy ( like Simon Smith ; what a wanker ) that I cannot now build a new deck on my house. Let me worry about the sea-level thanks very much and like all transactions, if and when when I sell my property…..HABEAS CORPUS !

My house in Australia

300m down the road...

My house in Australia is not exactly beach front but is about 300m from the coast. I would hazard a guess it is about 30m above sea level if that. Luckily I don’t really want to do anything to it but if I did….I probably couldn’t ! Jesus. Its moments and articles like this that make me realise why I like living in SEA. Less restrictions ( well..none here in Cambodia that a fistful of dollars can’t fix ), less local council wankers telling me what I can and can’t do. Struth, when I lived back there I was even told my dog could not bark. Apparently drunken doll bludgers on meth’ can crank the stereo until 3am but god forbid your dog should bark. Anyways…if anyone wants a 1950s timber house right near the beach – it’s for sale ! At a grossly inflated price of course……….

All the hard work has been done already.....

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