Grace; The Christmas pooh-l is christened

Mark and Srey Touche gave Gracie a wonderful blow-up pool for Xmas and I finally bought a pump for it yesterday as well as some little floating ducks to play with. Grace jumped right in and had a wonderful time.

Not exactly Olympic sized but alot of fun.

Rub a dub duckie

In fact, Grace ,loves her new pool so much she decided to give it a formal christening. With the whooshing sound of a WW2 Katushka rocket and the splashdown of a re-entering space rocket hitting the Pacific Ocean, Grace unloaded 4 days worth of pent up bowel luggage. Needless to say she was very chuffed with herself and the clean-up crew was called in to deal with it…..

I thought they usually used French Champagne to christen things...

One heinous skiddy..

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