New Year’s Eve 2009; The main event

After the prequel, we were understandably rather jaded on NYE day. However we managed to scrape ourselves together and whilst Leakhana popped over to see her family , I mosied on in to Aussie XL for a pre-party gut lining session. Carl could not serve up the roast pork as he was out but the lamb sausages were a fitting substitution and as usual there were some friendly faces at the bar so it was a pleasant way to start the night. It was then on to the Chow rooftop to meet up with Leakhana, Ang and Paul,Debs, Anthony,Marie,Trevor, Lee Anne, Will, Laura and just about everyone else. A few rounds of beers and then we all headed to Topaz’ new club Studio 281. Paul was DJing  and as everyone was already half cut, the dance floor was soon packed out with people. The countdown was on and as 12am became 1am became 2am it was soon time to pull stumps and get home for some much needed sleep.

Welcome 2010.

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