New Year’s Eve 2009;The Prequel

Coming in to New Years Eve we were unsure exactly what we would be doing on the night. No shortage of options of course but first we had to get to a party held at Tia’s new business out at Toul Kork. Tia’s father  is H.E General Tea Banh, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defence here in Cambodia and the families private interests cross many sectors such as hospitals ( Royal Rattanak and Siem Reap Hospital), property and now Phnom Penh’s most serious Pimp Your Ride venue. A huge new garage complex with hydraulic platforms,wash bays and show rooms, this is one serious venture. After fighting some insane 6pm traffic to get out there we were greeted with a very smart party set up, a band already in full swing and a buffet to die for.

The girls get ready

Small toys

Big Toys

Old Toys

The Venue

Grace takes a spill

Grace,Vichea and a vintage Vespa.

Leakhana and Srey Pek

Grace and I

Tia and I

Tra,Johnny and I

Party revellers

As Grace and Vichea roared around, the adults got stuck into the lovely food and the flowing booze. Special Edition Black Label whiskey was on all the tables and the good times rolled. Tia and Ta were busy running around making sure everyone was having a good time and much dancing was done. Around midnight we decided to decamp for Phalla’s friends’ cafe back at Russian Market. Here everything got a bit random.  We travelled back in two cars and after dropping Srey Neung, Dara ( Tia’s brother ) and I off at the cafe, everyone else went back to our house with the babies to put them to bed.  10 minutes after we arrived at the cafe, Srey Neung started driving the porcelain bus and was almost catatonic with…ahem… whiskey poisoning. After carrying her to the bathroom and holding her up while she emptied herself of her stomach contents, I called Leakhana and told her to come help as I could barely move Srey Neung. I managed to get her out to the gutter and then Leakhana arrived and in a hilarious moment of classic quotes ( and I will never forget this for as long as I live ) she pulled up and said in a very matronly manner ” Well. ( pause )….what the bloody hell is going on here ! ?” . I told her clearly Srey Neung had imbibed too heavily and needed to get home and so we loaded her onto a scooter with a person in front and a person on back ensuring she would not cartwheel off the back and she was soon sound asleep upstairs. ….as were the rest of us.

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