3 Rivers Poker – A win of sorts

Thanks to Gavmac for this image - my next tattoo maybe ?

Last night I went and played the final cash game of 2009 at 3 Rivers . I overlooked the fact that in a cash game it is Dealer’s choice and again found myself throwing money away as I came to grips with Omaha High. It did not take long though and I was soon selecting it as my choice when the DEALER button came to me. After rebuying $20 ( total buy-in $40 ), I managed to romp home in the last hour coming out highest cash winner on the night with a profit of $60. That’s not bad considering the company I was in ; Francis ( CAN ),Tom

( UK),Chris( The NAGA Hole ’em pit boss- US),John ( UK),Gary ” The Silver Fox” (US) and Richie (SCOT). All bloody good players.

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2 Responses to 3 Rivers Poker – A win of sorts

  1. gavinmac says:

    Nice photo indeed. Do you think the Walkabout is skimming from the Joker proceeds? They are supposed to put half back into the pot each week. People are reporting that the Friday crowds are getting bigger and bigger, and the people there are buying more and more tickets, and the tickets barely fit into the drum, yet the jackpot only increases by 2,000 bucks each week. It’s suspicious. I’d rather not mention it elsewhere though.

    What’s 3 Rivers?

    • Not sure about that. I play cards with Glen ( the WB owner ) and he does not strike me as the kind of guy who would skim. 3 Rivers is the new Eden bar across from OK Guesthouse.

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