Give me some space ! Thank god for Aussie XL.

After two years of doing a Xmas bash I am starting to formulate some basic rules to be followed to ensure the maximum experience.

a) Employ someone to re-arrange the garden, move plants and set up bbq etc etc on Xmas Day. Its just too damn tiring doing it myself with no help and leaves me stressed out and sweating.

b) Cars to be parked elsewhere for the night so everything ( tables,chairs,bbqs,plants ec etc ) do NOT need to be shuffled around at 2am – again by myself with no help- so cars can be parked inside. This is very hard when you are 6 sheets to the wind.

c) Most importantly – on Boxing Day I either want my entire house empty of family and assorted hanger-onners ( after they have cleaned of course ) so I can get on with my hangover in peace OR I am going to book a guest house for myself and decamp. Which brings me to Boxing Day night 2009…………..

After I took a group of family members out to Pho 24 for a much needed brunch ,everyone eventually did bugger off and I finally got to hit the couch for some much needed recuperation.Around 6pm the missus called me and asked me if I wanted to go out and I declined as I was exhausted and ” I just want to relax”. She mentioned she had to come home and change as she was going out with her sister and I (stupidly) assumed the baby would be left at Yay’s house. Imagine my displeasure when the gate opened and in came my mother-in-law,my two nieces and Grace and Vichea. *Poof* there goes the peaceful night. The girls start playing with a ball in front of the TV, Vichea starts whingeing and whining as usual ( he really needs to toughen up that kid) and I am NOT HAPPY JAN. I tell Leakhana that whilst I would have been quite happy to watch TV with my daughter,having 4 extra people in the house is not my idea of relaxing. I therefore make the decision to go out and get some dinner somewhere and I head for Aussie XL as I figure it will be just the ticket. How right I was.

When I arrived at AXL there were a few guys having dinner at the bar and I propped myself up and ordered a San Miguel and the roast pork. When this meal arrived I was in 7th heaven. A huge plate brimming with salad,steamed veg and the most delicious strip of tender roast pork including the most insane crackling you have ever seen. I ordered a red wine and then as more lads ( mostly Aussies ) started to arrive, the conversation and laughs flowed thick and fast. I ended up having more than a few reds as I relaxed after dinner and Leakhana and Phalla even joined me for a quick drink on their way out. I went home eventually at midnight and by the time Leakhana got home at 2am I was already out for the count well and truly.

Big thanks to Carl at AXl for a truly amazing dinner and a perfect place to relax and unwind.

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