Christmas 2009

Spell check please !

So Christmas has come and gone for another year. This one will probably be one of the last before Grace “gets it” and starts counting down the days/ number of sleeps. I worked right up until Xmas day and then in the morning we gave Grace her presents. Auntie Sarah sent over her very first Dr Suess books A CAT IN THE HAT and HORACE  HATCHES AN EGG. Classic stuff. We gave her a bunch of new clothes. I then took Leakhana to the Paris Perfumery  as a surprise and gave her an open cheque book to buy herself whatever she wanted. Like a kid in a candy store she wanedered around trying this and that before settling on some CKONE. They even threw in a small bottle of JLO which I had them wrap up for Srey Neung. Leakhana gave me a lovely Polo shirt and about 6 pairs of super comfy Old Navy boxers.

Grace's first sloppy joe ( for sleeping in ! )

Grace discovers the wonders of Dr Suess

With her new party dress

Deck the halls

Twinkle twinkle. Veasna weaves his magic..

After the cheery start to the day it was then down to the serious business of getting ready for our annual Xmas bash – well, our second one that is ! Whilst Leakhana and Srey Neung headed of to the market to buy a tonne of food, Grace and I stayed home and re-arranged the front garden. We set up the buffet tables, scattered chairs and tables about, iced up the bath and the esky and fired up the bbq to make sure it was good and ready for the masses.

Braniac and I

and the reverse........

Pretty soon the cars and bikes started rolling up and the crowd swelled. Unfortunately a few regulars were missing. Paul was back in Australia,Luke in Siem Reap and Teemu back in Finland. Still, all in all a good turn out and the bbq was in overdrive. With the women doing a fine job. The men made sure the bath got a solid workout and we even snuck in a lazy game of poker. Grace was in top form and managed to still be running around at 11pm – outdoing even some of the adults. IN the end we pulled stumps at around 2am – I think !

The bar

Team Midget

Lucky 7 and Vanna

Lucky 7,Vanna and Gunther head off into the night...

My incredibly hot wife

Xmas Crew

Grace's Great Grandmother "Super Yay" and Srey Neung

Those glasses really did the rounds....

Dara fires up the sheesha pipe

Leakhana,Phalla,Sokhain,Lin,Srey Neung

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