The new job

I know you have all been worried but you can stop. As of this week I am sorted on the work front . In the end there were several options put on the table including a move to Manila and a nice corporate gig here in PP but I have accepted a role with a long-term local based Australian businessman as BDM for one of his Trades related companies. Cambodia has proved a very good move for me career-wise and it has not hurt to be involved with ABAC. Who would have thought it ? I came over prepared to do almost anything just to be with Leakhana in Cambodia and as it turns out after a lucky break I have applied myself,kicked some goals and am now involved with the right people . The new job is going to be challenging, interesting,diverse and ultimately,hopefully..with hard yakka…rewarding.

Stay tuned on more exact info. End date ; Jan 30. Start date; Feb 1.

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2 Responses to The new job

  1. H.E Hen Sun says:

    Well done ! . You will do a marvellous job managing all my residences. Did you want the Range Rover in black ?

    H.E HS

  2. LaudJohn says:

    Well done! Good luck with the new gig.

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