Lucky Seven – The Wild One

Do you wanna be in my Gayng ?

Looking for all the world like a paid up member of the Brutus Beefcakes MC, Lucky Seven has a temporary new toy. A 1997  Triumph Bonneville 1100. The things sounds wicked when he starts it up and I look forward to seeing him and his best chum Gunther ( a.k.a Bruno ) cruising around together. I might suggest Bruno grow a handle bar moustache.

Broom broom.

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4 Responses to Lucky Seven – The Wild One

  1. kate guy says:

    ahhhh nice one dad, finally u got one 😉 looking fit again! didnt take you long.xx

  2. brad says:

    yeah, go luky seven…you need more tatts.

  3. Wayne says:

    Mate what a life…seeya at the heart

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