Bruno bugs out

The man....

and his nipples.

After several years in The Penh,good mate Nick Brunninghausen is finally going back home. I first met Bruno two years ago when he held a wild party during Water Festival week and we became good mates as a result. A documentary/film maker and mad lothario about town, Bruno gave Hugh a run for his money. God knows how he will go assimilating back into Bondi ? Anyhoo.. his farewell Castaway Party was held on Saturday and what a fitting send off it was. After a disorganised and late start ( typical of PP ) we headed up to Silk Island and after a small incident that saw us wipe out a subsistence fisherman’s floating nets ( resulting in mid Mekong compensation negotiations ! )we arrived around 5pm as the Mekong Sunset was hitting full tilt.

Srey Neung,Srey Pov and Leakhana heavily glassed and ready to party

On the prowl

SERIOUSLY on the prowl.

Srey Neung;"Steve is behind me isn't he ?" Me;" Steve - behave mate.."

Oi ! get us a beer will ya..

Randal in bogan mode

Everyone was soon jumping off the top deck much to the locals delight and even Leakhana mustered up the courage to have a go. Some dancing on the roof and a few thousand beers later and It was back to town to drop off most revellers before the hard core headed over to Snows Bar for more drinks – cos….you know…..we needed them ! Around midnight Leakhana,Randal,Bruno,Srey Neung and I fell off the boat and decided we should head to Memphis Bar – cos….you know…..we needed more beer. Not.

So fare thee well Bruno. See you one day in the future and keep up the good work.

Geronimo !

Riverside mud fight

We love you too mate.

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